Before The Sale
A magnetic postcard or custom magnet is a great way to introduce a new business to the neighborhood - or connect with existing customers.

During The Sale
Customers love to receive free gifts, so why not send them home with a magnetic business card or refrigerator magnet? The goodwill you will create will be remembered long after they walk out the door.

After The Sale
With variable data and a BigMag™ mailer you can target customers with special messaging that will keep them coming back.

Promoting a Retail Business

From promoting sales promotions to announcing store openings magnets are a great way to promote any brand in any type of retail business. Whether sent through the mail or provided as an in-store giveaway, little magnets make big impressions.

Successful retail businesses know how to reach new customers while keeping those that have already discovered the quality of their products and services. Business promotion means new mailings, new offers and new in-store rewards to help build a loyal, satisfied customer base.

Magnets can play a key role in all of these marketing objectives, especially when coupled with the marketing services provided by Magnetic Attractions.

Need some creative ideas to reach customers? How about these:

  • MagMailers sent to everyone in your neighborhood or zip code
  • Magnetic postcards with coupons and special offers
  • Sports schedule and calendar magnets as in-store giveaways
  • Refrigerator magnets with your name and contact information

Magnetic Attractions can work with you on these marketing efforts, and will customize products to meet your goals.

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