Before the Appointment
A magnetic postcard or custom magnet is a great way to introduce a new practice to the neighborhood - or reconnect with existing clients.

During the Appointment
Clients love to receive free gifts, so why not send them home with a magnetic business card or refrigerator magnet? The goodwill you will create will be remembered long after they walk out the door.

After the Appointment
With variable data and a BigMag™ mailer you can target clients with special messaging that will keep them coming back.

Promoting a Professional Practice

If you are a physician, lawyer, accountant or other professional with a business practice, it may be months or even years between visits from a patient or client.

How can you make sure they will return to your practice, while also marketing to potential new clients as well?

Say it With Magnets

Magnetic Attractions provides Business Card, Calendar, Schedule, Stock and Custom magnets that you can hand out to everyone at the end of their visit.

Typically, these magnets will wind up on a refrigerator or file cabinet, so when it’s time for another visit the recipient won’t have to look very far to find your office name and phone number. In surveys, 72% of respondents remember getting a promotional magnet 2 years after receiving it.

To reach new business, our BigMags or Laminated Postcards can be designed, printed and mailed to any mailing list. You can saturate your entire neighborhood with your contact information, hours, location, accepted insurance, etc.

For more details and pricing, please visit our Promotional Magnet page.