Popular Magnets

Customer Favorites!

From the dozens of different magnetic products we offer at Magnetic Attractions, there are a select few that retain their popularity with customers year after year. Based on the orders we receive and the feedback customers have provided, these are the most popular magnets in the Magnetic Attractions line.

Business Card Magnets

Business card magnets from Magnetic Attractions are a great way to promote your company. While most business cards wind up in a file folder or in a drawer, our four-color magnetic business cards can be displayed on a file cabinet or refrigerator.

Sports Magnets

Printed magnets from Magnetic Attractions offer a colorful way to promote an upcoming event or support your favorite sports team.
If you want your customers or guests to remember the date, make it easy for them to do so with a schedule magnet.

Calendar Magnets

Magnetic calendars help to keep your customer organized, where at work, home or school

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Photo Frame Magnets

Magnetic picture frames are the perfect way to display message, photos and memories.

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