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Create a memorable marketing campaign for your pizza eatery with magnetic solutions from Magnetic Attractions. Our innovative products can colorfully and creatively promote your pizzeria via mail campaign, coupons, and unique in-store promotions. When customers are looking for a place to dine in, carry out or schedule a delivery, our promotional magnets will make sure they remember your name.

Magnets Make
Your Message Stick

There are two time-tested and proven advertising techniques used by many pizzerias:
  • Magnetic Direct mail postcards that include a mix of custom coupon offers (BigMag).
  • A bulk magnet handout promotion.
These methods can be implemented as standalone programs or integrated into a powerful two-phase advertising campaign.

Step One: Direct Mail

Our BigMag magnetic postcards with coupons have a much longer life cycle than a standard coupon mailer or paper postcard, and can greatly increase coupon redemption rates. They also generate long-term exposure of your logo and brand message, especially when posted on a refrigerator or other prominent place in the recipient's home.

Besides results, Magnetic Attractions delivers mailing and postage savings. We now offer Every Door Direct Mail from the U.S. Postal Service. That means you can now send Standard Mail ®flats without the need for a mailing list or postal permit. But, before you get started, there are rules and regulations to follow. Call us to discuss your needs. You may learn that our saturation mailings might deliver the best results at the biggest savings.

Step Two: Magnet Handouts

Creativity makes the difference between a handout that will be quickly discarded, and one your customers will keep.

Our Promote the Pie customer loyalty program features pizza slice-shaped magnets that offer instant and positive brand exposure. Having the magnetic image of a slice of pizza on their refrigerator during the "what do you want for dinner?" decision process sends a powerful message at the right time. Plus, offering a magnetic pizza slice within your stores or with each delivery will ensure the best possible positive brand exposure for repeat business.

When customers collect eight slices to complete a pizza pie, they redeem them for a free pizza. Not only will this improve customer loyalty, it allows you to reuse the returned magnetic slices!

BigMagTM Magnetic Coupon Mailers

BigMagTM magnetic mailers combine a colorful postcard, coupons and a magnet to keep the your message prominently displayed on a refrigerator, locker, filing cabinet etc. They are USPS approved for automation mailing, and we can mail them from our in-house mailing facilities. We will help you generate the best list and get the best possible postage rate. Design your own or use one of our existing layouts customized with your information and coupons.

For more details and pricing, please visit our BigMagTM page.

Pizza Magnets

We can make your pizza look good in print! Since 92% of all "freemium magnets" will end up on your customers' refrigerators, why not deliver your message in a way that will really stick around?

Pizza Magnets can be printed in any of the four stock circle sizes found on our stock shapes page.

Coupon Magnets

Make your offer stick! A magnet on a refrigerator is viewed an average of 55 times per day. That's more than 20,000 times per year per fridge! That's a lot of views by hungry pizza lovers!

Coupon magnets can be printed in any size or shape. For ideas and pricing, visit our stock shapes page.

Pizza Car Magnets

Car magnet signs are a great way to promote your restaurant with every delivery, without permanently lettering your vehicles.

Please contact us for details and pricing on vehicle sign magnets.

Magnetic Attractions' Promote the Pie

Magnetic Attractions' Promote the Pie is a customer loyalty program that's fun, effective and reusable!

Each time a customer spends $20, purchases a large pizza, or meets whatever parameters you establish, you give them a Pizza Slice Magnet to collect on their refrigerator. By collecting eight slices the customer completes the Pie; then they simply remove the magnet slices from their refrigerator and return them to redeem the promotion! Now not only do you keep your brand image and message displayed on their refrigerator for the length of the promotion, but you get your magnetic slices back to reuse again and again! How's that for recycling your marketing dollar?

Promote they Pie is one of the most effective advertising tools used today for offline businesses. With an effective distribution campaign and a professional and high quality Pizza Slice Magnet design, you can dramatically improve the frequency of repeat sales.

Please contact us for details and pricing on promote the pie slice magnets.

More Pizzeria Marketing Tips

In addition to our magnetic promotional products, there are other ways to enhance your restaurant's brand and product visibility.
  • Research your local area to find out which kind of coupons are likely to attract the most business. Who should you try to reach - college students on a tight budget? Families looking for a group meal deal? Knowing where to target your coupons in advance will help create a more enthusiastic response.
  • Website specials: In addition to magnet promotions through coupons and direct mail, running special offers on your website will also help generate new business.
  • Call the food editor or columnist from your local newspaper and invite her to lunch or dinner.
  • After diners are seated, give them a sample of either an appetizer or the day's special. It's unexpected, appreciated, and a great way to start their experience in a positive way.
  • Magnetic Attractions offers additional magnetic promotions that can improve your pizzeria business, including business card magnets, pizza-shaped circle magnets, and pizza car magnets for your delivery vehicles.
  • We'll Work With You

    Magnetic Attractions will work with you on a coordinated promotional effort. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.

    In addition to our magnetic promotional products, there are other ways to enhance your restaurant's brand and product visibility.