Magnets by Industry

When your business needs a helping hand in the marketing arena, Magnetic Attractions is more than a supplier of eye-catching magnetic promotional products. Let us be your partner in helping to communicate your marketing message, through a coordinated campaign featuring memorable magnetic postcards, mailers, business cards and other unique products.

Magnetic Attractions has specific programs in place for tradeshows, recycling businesses and pizzerias, but these programs can be adapted to fit the needs of just about any type of company. Or, we’ll work with your business to design a focused campaign that works best for you.

Health Care Centers

Health Care Service Providers – including Doctors, Dentists, Hospitals, Clinics, and Urgent Care Centers – can face some major challenges when it comes to marketing their services, which we hope to illustrate using an example of a neighborhood Urgent Care Center.

Magnets from Magnetic Attractions contain 70% pre-consumer recycled content, and are an ideal means for educating American households about the importance of recycling, turning off the lights when people leave a room, or any other message you want to share with your audience.
Pizza Magnets

We can make your pizza look good in print! Since 92% of all "freemium magnets" will end up on your customers' refrigerators, why not deliver your message in a way that will really stick around? Pizza Magnets can be printed in any of the four stock circle sizes found on our stock shapes page.

Agency / Printer Magnets

Even in this web 2.0 world of social media and online marketing, Direct Mail continues to be as popular as ever (with spending up 6% from last year). Why is something considered "old school" still such a big hit? Because, when done right, Direct Mail continues to be effective driving sales.


School Magnets

Everyone knows that promotional magnets are a practical, fun and affordable means to advertise products and services, but what about magnets in the schools? Is there a market for these advertising superstars inside the halls of education?

Florist Magnets

Create a memorable marketing campaign to help your florist business grow with magnetic solutions from Magnetic Attractions. Our colorful, innovative products can promote your business via mail campaign, coupons and in-store promotions. When it's time to send flowers to someone special, our promotional magnets will make sure customers remember your company name.