Label Solutions

To make sure your labels do their job, you need a custom label printer you can rely on. Whether you already have the vision for what you wish to achieve, or need help in designing an eye-catching label, Magnetic Attractions is here to help. From initial concept to shipping, we make every step in the manufacturing process efficient, error-free and cost-effective.

Design Assistance
Our experienced staff will work with you on colors, bleeds, substrates and laminations - or whatever other questions you may have about optimizing your custom printed label design.

Getting the Job Done Right
Depending on your schedule, design and complexity of the job, Magnetic Attractions offers the following options to make certain your label printing will be exactly as you proposed:

  • PDF proofs - for a quick preview

  • Press proof - a print on the actual substrate with finish applied, in sheeted form, so you can check for color accuracy

  • Design proof - multiple versions in different colors, sizes and designs, to make it easier to choose which label will best achieve your goals

  • Prototypes - small print runs to confirm the look and message of your design

Sample Labels
Magnetic Attractions helps companies across all industries that want to leverage the power of private label and digital label printing to enhance their brands.

Music, Audio & Video
Advertising labels on CD and DVD packaging can draw attention to hit songs and bonus features, which can encourage impulse purchases or help make one title stand out on the display shelf.

Wine, Beer & Spirits
A beautifully distinctive beverage label can make the difference in a crowded beverage marketplace. Magnetic Attractions labels not only stand out, they'll stand up to any water and ice that may come in contact with the label.

Personal Care
Labels have a profound influence on consumer choice when it comes to health and beauty products. Whether it's a bold color, an innovative shape or a unique material, Magnetic Attractions can help you capture customer attention.

Specialty Foods
Custom food labels should provide a true reflection of the quality product inside. Magnetic Attractions has durable, versatile label solutions that can withstand moisture, temperature, sunlight and chemicals, while also meeting FDA requirements for food packaging.

Products that help people lead better, healthier lives need to stand out in a grocery store, pharmacy or health food store. We can create eye-catching nutraceutical product labels that meet FDA regulations.

Industrial Labels
We provide industrial labels, decals, and stickers customized to your specifications. Examples include our weather-resistant machinery and equipment labels that feature both brand information and safety instructions, numbered labels for permits, inventory control and tracking, hard hat decals and stickers, safety and warning labels and company identification labels.

Whether it's a storeroom label for inventory control, or a bright promotional sticker that draws the eye from competing products, Magnetic Attractions has a variety of retail label solutions for all types of products.

Bar code stickers make the inventory process a breeze - just scan them and you're done!

Meetings and Events
Tradeshows and company events use stickers as nametags, or to separate attendees into groups. We offer meeting stickers in a rainbow of colors and a wide range of shapes and designs. Tell us what you need and we'll do our best to make it happen.

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