Variable Data

Digital color printing is becoming synonymous with Variable Data Printing. Variable Data Printing is the process of changing information from document to document within a single print run. Magnetic Attractions uses Variable Data printing to create customized promotional materials that could possibly double or even triple response rates.

Creating and targeting information specifically for an individual will generate a better response. Variable Data printing can make sure the message corresponds to the audience. There are several ways Variable Data is used at Magnetic Attractions:

  • Mail Merging: prints a different name and address on each piece.
  • Versioning: sends different messages to specific audiences. These can be separated for example, by age groups, political categories or living regions.
  • Customization: targets an individual's specific interests. If someone buys certain types of tools or clothing, you can produce a pamphlet with just those types of items.
  • Personalization: Uses words and photos to create a piece that is "personalized" for an individual or family. Produce a printed piece to an individual using their name, their photo and information pertaining only to them.

Your imagination is our inspiration. Call us at (800) 521-4773 with your variable data ideas today, and we'll help you bring them to life.