Mailing Services

Magnetic Attractions – Over 20 Years Delivering More than Just Magnets

For over 20 years, Magnetic Attractions has been an industry leader in magnetic postcard mailings. In fact, you could say we wrote the book on magnetic postcard mailings since we were the first company ever to mail a magnetic postcard without an envelope. Since then, we have mailed nearly a billion postcards for clients across all types of businesses, and we are ready to guide you through the intricacies of a modern mailing campaign.

Trust Magnetic Attractions for 100% of your mailing needs.

Magnetic Attractions offers complete mailing and postal services to go along with our postcard and magnet printing. This includes the list selection and processing, inkjet addressing, postal presorting and delivery to the post office. We currently have 2 service options designed to deliver the best customer experience around.

  • Magnetic Attractions as a 100% turnkey solution – We will print the postcard, affix the magnets, process the mailing list, do the postal pre-sort and deliver to the post office.
  • Magnetic Attractions as your Vendor Partner – You send us printed postcards and we will affix the magnet on the back. We can then manage everything else for you (mailing lists, postal pre-sort and delivery to the post office).

Every Door Direct Mail Comes to Magnetic Attractions

Magnetic Attractions now offers Every Door Direct Mail from the U.S. Postal Service. Businesses looking to reach every address in their neighborhood can now send Standard Mail® flat direct mail without a mailing list or postal permit. It's a great program for delivering coupons and promotions, but there are rules and regulations you must follow. Call us at (800) 521-4773 to cut through all the Post Office speak and find out if Every Door Direct Mail is right for you.

And Don't Forget to Ask About Saturation Mailings

Saturation mailings are another great way for you to increase sales into your neighborhood or sales territory. And just like Every Door Direct Mail, we are experts at all the nuts and bolts needed to saturate your target audience - and doing so at the best possible postal rates.

Plus, we can get your saturation mailing addressed, pre-sorted and trucked to the post office in just 2-3 days from when your postcard prints - perfect for tight deadlines or last-minute promotions.

To find out more about saturation mailings, and the other mailing services that Magnetic Attractions offers, give us a call at (800) 521-4773, or complete the contact form below.