BigMag™ magnetic mailers are an innovative postcard marketing idea that turns direct mail into a high-impact marketing tool that extends the impact and lifespan of your campaign.

Laminated Postcards
Combines a promotional magnet with four-color postcard for maximum visual impact and engagement. It’s one of the most effective method for marketing with postcards.

Every Door Direct Mail
Program that delivers local marketing campaigns to entire neighborhoods without the expense of mailing lists or postal permits. Only Magnetic Attractions adds a magnet to the back for EDDM campaigns that stick around.

For Mailing Houses

Why Magnets? They Stick Around
When most people receive a postcard or flyer in the mail, they throw it away unless they have an immediate need for the product or service advertised. But a magnet advertising a product or service will almost always wind up attached to a file cabinet or refrigerator (90% of the time by some estimates), where its message may be seen as often as 50 times a day.

Become a Magnetic Attractions Customer
With Magnetic Attractions you’ll have access to a wide array of promotional magnet products at competitive prices. Some of our bestsellers include:

BigMag™ mailers
MagnetMailer™ Postcards
Clean Release Magnetic postcards

As standalone promotions or used with other marketing strategies, these colorful, creative products are a great retail opportunity for you and a great marketing opportunity for your customers.

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