Promotional Magnets
The appeal and attractiveness of our promotional magnets never wears off.

Magnet Postcards
If you're looking for an effective postcard marketing idea, it's hard to beat the impact your message can make when delivered with magnet postcards and mailers.

Stickers & Labels
Your label may be the first thing a potential customer sees - why not make sure it stands out and makes a statement?

For Agencies

While many companies are focusing more on online promotion, there are still many advantages to having a marketing message that customers can hold in their hand and display in their home or office.

Magnetic Attractions has dynamic ideas using magnets that can help your customers develop winning strategies for next year and beyond. And you'll receive a favorable margin on each product sold.

From presenting the product line to filling orders, postage and shipping, we’ll provide expert consultation so you or your salespeople can offer magnetic marketing solutions to your client base and add a profitable new product line to your inventory.

Become a Magnetic Attractions Customer
With Magnetic Attractions you’ll have access to a wide array of promotional magnet products at competitive prices.

As standalone promotions or used with other marketing strategies, our magnet mailers, refrigerator magnets and magnetic postcards are a great retail opportunity for you and a great marketing opportunity for your customers.

To get started, give us a call at 800-521-4773. You will speak to a personalized service representative who can answer any questions and provide all of the product information you will need.

If you’d like a sample of any advertising magnet style, give us a call at 1-800-521-4773 or contact us with your request.