Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the turnaround time for an order?

Once we have the artwork for your corporate magnet order in one of our accepted formats, we will submit a proof within 1-2 working days. Production time is normally 10 working days from proof approval. If you need your promotional magnet order filled sooner, please call us to discuss your exact requirements.

Q: What is the largest size and smallest magnet you can print and die cut?

Our maximum size per magnet is 11-3/8” square; the smallest is 1.5” X 1.5”.

Q: What types of files are accepted?

We accept Illustrator, Freehand, Quark and Photoshop files. Eps or tiff files are preferred in any application listed. When sending .pdf files, please make sure any placed images are high resolution and CMYK to insure print quality. Convert all fonts to outlines BEFORE saving to .pdf, or include a folder with all fonts and images. Sorry, No .pub files accepted.

Q: Will Magnetic Attractions design artwork for a client?

Yes, our experienced design team can create artwork for any promotional magnet or magnetic sign(s). We charge $75.00 per hour for any artwork preparation done in-house.

Q: How much does a proof cost?

Your initial laser color proof is free. This proof does not show exact color. If color matching is critical, we recommend a press proof, which costs $100.

Q: What are your set-up charges?

There are no set-up charges for promotional magnets from Magnetic Attractions. You will receive a net price for all items quoted.

Q: Can you do color matching?

Digital offset magnetic printing is limited to a four-color process. For larger volume, flexographic jobs, PMS and spot colors can be matched.

Q: Can you cut any magnet shape?

Our die cutting capability is quite extensive. However, we reserve the right to make slight modifications, to accommodate our steel rule die cutting process.

Q: What is your standard material thickness?

Unless quoted otherwise, all jobs are standard 26 mil overall thickness. Thickness on any job has a stated tolerance of +/- .003”.

Q: What magnet thicknesses are available for printed magnet products?

We can offer magnet thickness ranging from .015” to .035”. Please call your marketing or customer service specialist for specific quote requirements.

Q: What is your policy for overruns or under-shipments?

These are calculated at +/-5% of your ordered quantity. Unless notified in advance on your purchase order, we will ship and bill on actual quantities shipped.

Q: From where will you ship our personalized magnets?

All your orders ship FOB, from our plant in Durham, NC or our plant in Irvine, CA.

Q: How are the magnets packaged?

We package your magnets bulk in cartons, with a maximum carton weight not to exceed 55 lbs. Piece count per box will vary based on the size and shape of each magnet. If you have special packaging requirements, please let us know when you submit your PO.

Q: What is the cost for shipping?

The cost for shipping is determined by the size, weight and quantity of your order. We can estimate shipping charges once we have all your order specifications.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express or cash in advance. Pending credit approval, net 30-day terms can be extended for orders exceeding $500 ($1,000.00?). If you’d like to establish terms, please let your marketing or customer service specialist know.

Q: What is your return policy?

Our factory must be notified prior to returning any merchandise; return authorization will not be given on materials after 30 days from shipping.

Q: Will my print job be run without proof approval?

No print jobs will be processed without a signed proof approval.

Q: What is a copy change?

A copy change is a text change (i.e. an address or phone number change), against any given order, with the same background.

Q: What is a design change?

This is when a logo or background design changes from quantity to quantity against any given order.