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Every Door Direct Mail

An Every Door Direct Mail campaign is similar to a saturation mailing in that your mailing will be delivered to everyone in a selected carrier route without the need for a mailing list or postal permit. If you are a business that focuses on local or neighborhood marketing campaigns, EDDM could be just what you need to drive more local business your way.

Of course, there is one advantage that sets Magnetic Attractions apart from the rest of the EDDM crowd. Our postcard is an EDDM BigMag, which means it has a magnet on the back so it can stick to the fridge door. No other provider offers an EDDM BigMag. This added magnet makes the Magnetic Attractions EDDM perfect for:

  • Coupons and Promotions - Large size = room for more coupons
  • Take Out Menus - The magnet keeps the menu on the fridge, not buried in a drawer
  • Grand Opening Announcements - There's plenty of room for maps and directions
  • Recycling & Local Government News - Larger space means more room to educate and inform

Finally, Magnetic Attractions will help you map out the carrier routes for your mailing and handle the addressing and bundling of your EDDM mailing. We will then ship the job to you to hand deliver to the local post office.

Of course, before you dive into your first EDDM campaign, you need to be aware of a few rules and regulations that are different from other mailing types.

1. All EDDM postcards must meet the size requirements of a Standard Mail flat.

  • Height must be between 6.126" and 12"
  • Length must be between 10.5" and 15"

This will definitely provide more print area for your marketing message, but the cost for the postcard can be higher when compared to smaller postcard sizes.

2. With EDDM, you will be required to do most of the legwork needed to get your mail delivered.

  • An account must be set up with the post office
  • You receive delivery of your EDDM postcards
  • Make sure your mail is bundled and separated by carrier route
  • Deliver your paperwork and mailing to the local post office

3. EDDM has delivery limitations:

  • There is a daily 5,000 piece limit per post office
  • EDDM mail must be delivered to each and every post office that delivers into your selected carrier routes - for example, if your EDDM is mailing into 2 carrier routes, and those carrier routes are supported by 3 different post offices, your EDDM must be bundled and hand delivered to each one.

Coordinating an EDDM campaign could mean a considerable amount of time behind the wheel of your car instead of working at your desk or attending to other business.

4. EDDM does save you from ordering a mailing list.

Because EDDM does not require a mailing list, however, postcards get addressed with "local postal carrier". This could make your mailing look more like advertising, or "junk mail" that has a better chance to find the trashcan instead of the fridge door.

This is why you need to call Magnetic Attractions at (800) 521-4773 for information on EDDM campaigns. We can walk you through all the different rules and regulations to make sure an EDDM campaign makes sense for you. You might find that after crunching some numbers, a saturation mailing with a standard-sized magnetic postcard will make more sense.

Of course, if we conclude an EDDM campaign is for you, Magnetic Attractions provides a turnkey solution that will design, print, bundle and ship your EDDM BigMags for delivery to the local post office. Call or contact us today.