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If you're looking to become memorable with customers and prospects, magnetic direct mail campaigns are hard to beat. Even in our digital obsessed world, direct mail continues to deliver superior response rates and ROI simply because there is less competition in the mailbox. Your message isn't fighting for attention with spam, viruses or the latest hacking scheme.

And once delivered, magnet mailers can stick around for a long time. That means your marketing message can get noticed over and over again on the fridge door or file cabinet. That's an incredible value for your brand marketing dollar - especially when you consider mailing a magnetic direct mail campaign is comparable to most other postcard mailings.

Custom Magnetic Postcards from Magnetic Attractions are available in two styles:

  1. Magmailer Direct Mail - A promotional magnet is affixed to the postcard by lamination or special glue. Once the postcard is delivered, this magnet can be removed and used on any metal surface around the house or office.

    Magmailer Direct Mail Products:

  2. BigMag Magnetic Mail - A lightweight magnet strip is added to the back of a postcard. The entire BigMag mailer then acts just like a magnet. That means BigMags wind up on the fridge door, not lost in a drawer or tossed in the trash.

    BigMag Magnetic Mail Products

Why Magnetic Direct Mail?

  • Magnetic Postcards are read 52% more than non-magnetic postcards
  • Costs for magnetic postcards comparable to non-magnetic postcards
  • Magnetic Postcards are USPS automation approved