Before the Sale
A magnetic postcard or custom magnet is a great way to introduce a new business to the neighborhood - or reconnect with existing customers.

During the Sale
Customers love to receive free gifts, so why not send them home with a magnetic business card? The goodwill you will create will be remembered long after they walk out the door.

After the Sale
With variable data and a BigMag™ mailer you can target customers with special messaging that will keep them coming back.

Promoting Business-to-Business Marketing

What's the best way to enhance your business visibility? The most obvious strategy is to be certain your potential customers and prospects know where you are and how you can help their business. This is especially important when going from a lead to final order can take days, weeks or months.

When it’s time to introduce (or re-introduce) yourself and your business, don't rely merely on a flier or postcard or newspaper ad. If it’s made of paper, it will end up in the trash almost as quickly as it arrives.

Say it With Magnets

Many of our B2B customers have told us how they have made a memorable impression with magnetic promotional products from Magnetic Attractions. Our BigMag™ Magnet Mailers are a proven effective tool to get in front of both existing and potential customers, and to keep your message around for weeks and months to come.

This reminder resonates not only when the customer needs help, but also when anyone they know is looking for a referral. One strategically-place magnet can generate multiple sales or service calls.

Whether you attend tradeshows annually or several times throughout the year, magnets are great marketing tools. Boost traffic at your booth with a preshow BigMag mailer, and at the show hand out business card magnets, sports schedule magnets or one of the other products Magnetic Attractions offers.

Whatever the type of business, Magnetic Attractions can work with you to create a piece that is appropriate to your company. From custom shapes and colors to a message that gets noticed, if you say it with magnets the message is one that will last.

For more details and pricing, please visit our Promotional Magnet page.