The BigMag™ Reminder

BigMag™ combines the benefits of a magnetic postcard with magnet coupons, on a visually striking piece that can be prominently displayed on a customer’s refrigerator, locker, filing cabinet or any metal surface.

We’ll create a custom design to reach your target market or you can choose from many successful samples on our website. Hand them out from your shop, enclose them with deliveries, or mail them to your local market.

Flowers are Temporary —
Magnets are Forever

Our magnet mailers are not read just once - their message is noticed over and over again. For example, on an average American refrigerator, your magnet will be seen 55 times per day! Long after the flowers are removed from the vase, the florist’s message remains in your customer’s home.

How Does it Work?

Magnetic Attractions has campaigns to fit any budget. The estimated mailing cost per 1,000 for radius saturation is $232 (which includes list, addressing, drop ship to BMC and postage). Estimated mailing cost per 1,000 for database mailing within the same five-digit zip code is $264 (which includes list, addressing, drop ship to BMC and postage). Based on your location, we’ll pull a specific list to match your customer criteria in your area.

More Flower Marketing Tips

In addition to our magnetic promotional products, there are other ways to enhance your florist’s brand and product visibility.

Incorporate famous “flower” quotes in your marketing. These may include:

“Earth laughs in flowers,” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Hamatreya.

“I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck,” ~ Emma Goldman.

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Offer romantic tips for sending flowers, such as:

Reproduce her wedding bouquet and send it to her again. If you don’t remember what they were, call her Maid of Honor or the mother of your bride.

Perpetual Bouquet: Bring home one flower every day. This will always keep the bouquet fresh and remind her you love her every day.

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Market Solutions: Florists

Create a memorable marketing campaign to help your florist business grow with magnetic solutions from Magnetic Attractions. Our colorful, innovative products can promote your business via mail campaign, coupons and in-store promotions. When it’s time to send flowers to someone special, our promotional magnets will make sure customers remember your company name.

Say It With Magnets

Most florists receive the majority of their business from within their neighborhood. But in the United States between 10% and 15% of people move each year. That means in a three-year period, over 42% of your trade area can change.

When Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or other special occasions approach, you want to be certain people know that your company offers the fastest and easiest way to buy and send flowers. Our BigMag™ Magnet Mailers are a proven effective tool to get in front of both existing and potential customers.