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3 Reasons for using Postcards in your 2016 Marketing Plans

Direct Mail Reasons2016 is here. That means it’s time for the flood of articles on the hot Marketing trends for the new year. Naturally, we’ll read all of them to see the best way to improve customer engagement, build influence and improve our authority scores to increase sales. Sadly, these articles usually fail to mention direct mail and postcard mailings.

Now I don’t live under a rock.  I know the importance of a SEO, social and online strategy.  I also know that direct mail and postcards—while not new and sexy—are still very effective in one important area.  They still can generate sales. I saw first-hand how this sales power worked influencing buying decisions for a local business I visited after the holidays.

My experience started in our kitchen on Christmas Eve.  I had visions of a clean kitchen floor dancing through my head, but unfortunately I ran into a little Grinch (my son).  He broke our special floor cleaner, so that meant I had some shopping to do after Christmas.

I was ready to head out, when my wife stopped me by shoving a big oversized postcard in my face. It was for a big kitchen and bath store in a busy strip mall in town.  The postcard had a “20% off anything in the store” offer.“ (Disclaimer.  Magnetic Attractions didn’t print this postcard.)

Now 3 reasons why postcard mailings should be part of your 2016 plans. (more…)

3 Reasons For Ordering Printed Calendars This Fall

Calendar Image for Blog Header

Yes, even in this digital age, print and calendar magnets continue to prove their marketing muscle for customer engagement and overall brand awareness.  As we come to the end of the year when calendar orders take off, Magnetic Attractions would like to share 3 key reasons why you need to consider ordering  print and calendar magnets this fall. (more…)

Back to the Future

A familiar face returns to Magnetic Attractions

For some of our regular customers, calling in a promotional magnet order today might have felt like you’ve travelled back in time.  Don’t worry, the calendar magnet on the fridge still says 2015.  We just brought back a name from the past, to drive future success,  and we didn’t even need the Delorean to get the job done (my one Back to the Future reference, I promise). (more…)

Fundraising Fact – Direct Mail Delivers Results

Fundraising Donor Image - 496x496

January might be a little late/early to discuss fundraising marketing, but I just came across some survey data that could help nonprofits to budget and plan their 2015 fundraising campaigns.

According to a YouGov giving report, half of Americans surveyed have given money to a church, non-profit or charitable organizations in the past 12 months. The above chart summarizes some of the key survey results, but I think two numbers really jump out. (more…)

Magnets – Turning Nonprofit Marketers into Superheroes


Breakthrough Page

Magnetic Attractions is taking their magnet marketing and direct mail solutions on a little summer road trip. We’re in Washington, DC exhibiting at the 9th Annual Bridge to Integrated Marketing and Fundraising Conference.  We’re handing out our new Nonprofit Catalog, sample magnets and a special photo frame created just for the Bridge Conference.  More importantly, we’re spreading the word how magnets and magnetic direct mail can help you become a nonprofit marketing superhero.

From a simple 2×2 square magnet and photo frames to Laminated Postcards and Outdoor Magnets, our products can work alone, or combined with your online efforts to help you succeed in today’s competitive world.

Click here to read how our magnets can help you engage donors as thank you gifts, fundraising appeals and volunteer recruitment.   You can even request a free sample pack while you are there.  Then give us a call at (800) 521-4773 to talk to our magnet experts.  They aren’t going to help you leap tall building in a single bound, but they will help you attract and retain donors without blowing up the budget.





Business Cards – Because Smartphones Don’t Belong in a Fishbowl

teamworkI just read a recent article from the Boston Globe titled “Among tech crowd, the paper business card endures” that shows that the printed business card is still alive and kicking within the tech world.  Yes, the group that keeps us glued to Smartphones and social media believes in something as “old school” as a printed business card.  After all, isn’t there an app for everything nowadays.

Well, yes there are apps, but it seems that sometimes the printed business card does the job better than sharing contact information digitally.  Here are a few reasons tech still loves the paper business card during tradeshows and networking events: (more…)

Calendar Magnets Go From Mailbox to Icebox

direct mail mailbox protestingI’m looking at my 2013 Calendar Magnet stuck to my file cabinet and it dawns on me that we’re into the month of October.  It seemed like we just celebrated Memorial Day, and now we’re creeping up on Halloween.  Yikes, time flies.  And at that moment, I realized I needed a 2014 Calendar magnet.

Now I’m lucky.  I work for Magnetic Attractions so all I have to do is raid the sample room to get a 2014 Calendar Magnet (the perks of working for a promotional magnet manufacturer).  But without this sample goldmine, I’d be out of luck and staring at an open space on my file cabinet. Talk about a huge marketing opportunity for the really smart local business.

Now, a smart businesses already knows a Calendar Magnets marketing value, and places an order every year.  Then they have something to hand out (more…)

The Magnetic Attractions Difference: Quality and Convenience in Custom Magnets


A custom magnet can be almost anything you need it to be. But when the choices are endless, sometimes it takes awhile to figure out which way to go.

Custom Magnet Convenience

At Magnetic Attractions we make it as easy as possible for you to create your own custom magnets, and you can rely on our 20+ years of experience for expert advice on which designs and content may work best for you.

First, we have more than 30 in-house designs that might make your decision easier. Or, we can work with you to create something unique, either from your own uploaded art, or from a design we’ll conceive together. In fact, we can serve as a 100% turnkey partner that will handle everything from design through delivery of the printed magnets.

When your custom magnets are made, what’s the best way to bring them to your customer base? Once again, we’re here to help. In many cases direct mail is the most effective means of distribution. We can manage your mail campaign, whether it’s a smaller targeted effort or a large saturation mailing. From creating the mailing list to affixing the magnets, addressing and mailing your piece, we do it all.

Custom Magnet Quality

Of course, none of this will matter if the product itself does not represent your company in a positive and impressive way.

There’s a reason why thousands of customers trust Magnetic Attractions – we are experts at the science of creating and printing magnets. As an experienced manufacturer we understand substrates, polarity and thickness, and how to create a high-quality custom magnet at a competitive price.

All of our magnets are 25 mils thick, for maximum hold and superior durability. Shop around and you’ll find most other custom magnets are manufactured at 15-20 mils, which produces a thinner, weaker product.

Ready to Learn More?

Contact one of our custom magnet experts today, and start sending your customers something they’re sure to notice – and hold on to.

Magnetic Attractions goes to Washington

Booth PhotoLook out Washington,  Magnetic Attractions’ summer roadtrip is heading to our nation’s capital.  No, we’re not there to take in the Smithsonian , or improve the approval ratings for Congress (like that’s possible).  Instead, we’re bringing our promotional magnetsmagnetic mailers and BigMag magnetic postcards to those nonprofit marketers attending the 2013 Bridge to Integrated Marketing Conference.

This is our first year exhibiting at the “Bridge”, and we’re excited to show off our product line, especially our turnkey direct mail offerings, and we’re going to share that excitement with the fundraising pros that stop by booth 327.

Now, I know what you might be mumbling under your breath. “Direct Mail.  Didn’t that die already?”  Well, I’m thrilled to say direct mail isn’t dead.  You know who else is thrilled that direct mail is still a vibrant marketing tool?  Those customers, donors and prospects that like and engage with direct mail campaigns in their mailbox.  According to some recent survey data, you might be surprised at the effectiveness of direct mail in the United States.   (more…)

Say “Welcome to the Neighborhood” With Magnets

According to the U. S. Census Bureau, more than 40 million people move every year. While there might be 40 million different reasons to move, new movers all seem to have one thing in common when they unpack.  They will spend a lot of money in the new neighborhood.

For any local business, welcoming new movers to the neighborhood can be an important source of new revenue. That’s why adding new mover direct mail into your marketing plan is so important. You’ll be reaching potential customers (more…)