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Piece of Pie Promotion – What a Great Pizza Marketing Idea

Promote the Pie Magnet Program(That’s why our “Promote the Pie” magnet program has been around for over 20 years)

If you are an independent pizza operator, you are always keeping one eye focused on the hot new trends in pizza marketing.  So, I’m sure you noticed the latest advertising from one national chain that is using a pizza slice to promote their loyalty program.   Without going into details, they found a promotion designed to drive more online orders by offering free pizza as a reward.

Time will tell if this is a successful campaign, but with consumers in love with a good loyalty program, my guess is that it will be.  So this might be a great time to start up your own loyalty program, and Magnetic Attractions can help get you started with our Promote the Pie magnet program.

With the Promote the Pie program, you can use promotional magnets as the first step to an effective loyalty program.  Best of all, you can start up this program with just a minimum investment of time and resources.  A slice magnet is really all it takes to get started.

Here’s How the Promote the Pie Program Works (more…)

Magnetic Attractions Going to Pizza Expo

Pizza Expo booth location 1928Independent Pizza Operators have another reason to attend the International Pizza Expo this March.  Magnetic Attractions will be in the house and ready to talk pizza marketing, promotional magnets and magnet mailings.  We’ve finalized our booth location for the Pizza Expo (#1928), and are ready to answer the one big question.  “Why should I even bother to visit the Magnetic Attraction’s booth?”

Top 5 Reasons for visiting our booth (more…)

Election Magnets, Featured Products and Pizza Expo, Oh My!

Magnetic Attractions sure will be busy in 2012.

Wow.  where did January go.  It seems like yesterday we were trying to celebrate the holidays while producing the rush of 2012 Calendar Magnets.  Now, we’re delivering the flood of BigMag Magnetic Coupon Mailer orders that washed over us since January 3rd. It’s like all our pizza customers realized at the same time that their pizza marketing will suffer if they didn’t get their coupons out before the big game.  

Anyway, that was January.  As we roll into February, I thought this is the perfect time to update everyone on the news and events happening at Magnetic Attractions this year.       (more…)

It’s Friday Night – Do You Know Where Those Damn Coupons Are?

For weeks, I was planning on writing a post on the benefits of the BigMag Magnetic Mailer for the pizza delivery game.  I wanted to highlight all the facts that show how magnetic mailers deliver results even in this age of iPads and Smartphones. Instead, I think I’ll share an experience that demonstrates the power of the magnetic postcard better than any statistic or chart.     

Last Friday night was another typical evening in our household.  My wife was working late, so I alone had to navigate the controlled chaos that’s our typical routine – kids at daycare, running kids to baseball and softball practices, and a parking lot for a freeway that pushed the stress meter off the chart.  Finally, at 6:00 I walked in the door to find my wife staring into the refrigerator.  I could tell from her blank stare that dinner wasn’t hiding behind the milk.  So, time to go with plan B.

“How about Pizza.” I said.  I know we have coupons somewhere.” (more…)