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The QR Code Promotion is Back & Ready for Some Football

QR Code ImageAs if summer vacations and fireworks aren’t enough, the Post Office is giving smart Marketers one more reason to love July.  They definately are giving you one more reason to mail a  BigMag MagMailer campaign this summer.      

Starting on July 1st, the USPS is bringing back their Mobile Barcode Promotion (QR Code promotion for those that don’t speak Postalese).   You can earn a 2% discount on your Standard Mail or 1st Class letters, flats and cards just by adding a QR to your mail piece.   This is similar to last year’s promotion, with some important changes that we want to make sure you know about ahead of time. 


Magnets & Popcorn – Our New Video Premiers Today

Move over Spielberg, Magnetic Attractions has a new video premiering this week called “Why Magnets Continue to Rock the Marketing World”.  It stars our own Bill Graham, and features two big stars in marketing and brand awareness – the magnet and refrigerator.   I’m sure the magnet’s 4-star performance will stick with you for quite awhile.

And because the world loves a good sequel, this video is just the first in a series from Magnetic Attractions.  In the coming months, we’ll premier the rest of the series showcasing the magnets’ star power.  It’s not the “Star Wars” saga, but then again our videos only lasts 2 minutes and are free.  Just click the link below to see our first video. Popcorn is optional.

Why Magnets Continue to Rock the Marketing World

QR Codes+ Magnetic Postcards Serve Up Summer’s Freshest Value

QR Code Image
Summer is always a great time to try new things – from that new summer blockbuster at the theater, to a menu of fresh-picked fruits and vegetables that only appear when the weather heats up – This summer, it’s time to add some spice to your marketing campaigns by adding QR Codes to any of our magnetic postcard mailers.

Now you may be on the fence when it comes to using QR Codes.  But, major brands like Starbucks, Pepsi and Ford already rely on QR Codes in their advertising.  You also can’t escape the fact that these 2-D barcodes are gaining popularity and can be seen almost everywhere you look.  Surveys show a 1,200% increase in QR Code usage during the second half of 2010. (more…)