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Direct Mail Success – Let’s Look at the Data (Infographic)

Direct Mail DataIn our last blog post, 3 Reasons for using Postcards in your 2016 Marketing Plans, we saw how a postcard with a 20% discount was able to attract attention, engage customers and get them to open their wallets.  It was a real-world example of direct mail success that often gets drowned out by the hype for mobile, social and email marketing.  This post is ready to cut through that hype and share some interesting data that gives postcards and direct mail marketing a little love.

The following infographic compiles data from the Direct Marketing Association’s 2015 Response Rate Report.  It compares direct mail to mobile, social media and email marketing in the key areas of response rate, costs and ROI. Of course, every campaign is different, and there are no performance guarantees, but the data builds a strong case for at least testing direct mail in your multi-channel marketing plan.  Take a look at the facts, and then contact Magnetic Attractions with any questions, or need a quote.

Continue reading to view the full infographic.


3 Reasons for using Postcards in your 2016 Marketing Plans

Direct Mail Reasons2016 is here. That means it’s time for the flood of articles on the hot Marketing trends for the new year. Naturally, we’ll read all of them to see the best way to improve customer engagement, build influence and improve our authority scores to increase sales. Sadly, these articles usually fail to mention direct mail and postcard mailings.

Now I don’t live under a rock.  I know the importance of a SEO, social and online strategy.  I also know that direct mail and postcards—while not new and sexy—are still very effective in one important area.  They still can generate sales. I saw first-hand how this sales power worked influencing buying decisions for a local business I visited after the holidays.

My experience started in our kitchen on Christmas Eve.  I had visions of a clean kitchen floor dancing through my head, but unfortunately I ran into a little Grinch (my son).  He broke our special floor cleaner, so that meant I had some shopping to do after Christmas.

I was ready to head out, when my wife stopped me by shoving a big oversized postcard in my face. It was for a big kitchen and bath store in a busy strip mall in town.  The postcard had a “20% off anything in the store” offer.“ (Disclaimer.  Magnetic Attractions didn’t print this postcard.)

Now 3 reasons why postcard mailings should be part of your 2016 plans. (more…)

Season’s Greetings & 10 Crazy Holiday Facts

Happy Holidays from the entire Magnetic Attractions team.

Happy Holidays from the Magnetic Attractions team.

Magnetic Attractions would like to wish all our promotional magnet fans a happy and safe holiday season. We are always grateful for your trust and support, and we look forward to helping you with your marketing plans in 2016.

But before we flip the calendar magnet to 2016, We thought it would be fun to amaze and astound you with some random and interesting facts about the Christmas season.  (Ok, maybe they aren’t going to amaze or astound, but they may help you sound really smart at the holiday dinner table.)


So, grab yourself some eggnog and a Christmas cookie as we unwrap our 10 Crazy Facts about Christmas. (more…)

Back to the Future

A familiar face returns to Magnetic Attractions

For some of our regular customers, calling in a promotional magnet order today might have felt like you’ve travelled back in time.  Don’t worry, the calendar magnet on the fridge still says 2015.  We just brought back a name from the past, to drive future success,  and we didn’t even need the Delorean to get the job done (my one Back to the Future reference, I promise). (more…)

Magnetic Attractions goes to Washington

Booth PhotoLook out Washington,  Magnetic Attractions’ summer roadtrip is heading to our nation’s capital.  No, we’re not there to take in the Smithsonian , or improve the approval ratings for Congress (like that’s possible).  Instead, we’re bringing our promotional magnetsmagnetic mailers and BigMag magnetic postcards to those nonprofit marketers attending the 2013 Bridge to Integrated Marketing Conference.

This is our first year exhibiting at the “Bridge”, and we’re excited to show off our product line, especially our turnkey direct mail offerings, and we’re going to share that excitement with the fundraising pros that stop by booth 327.

Now, I know what you might be mumbling under your breath. “Direct Mail.  Didn’t that die already?”  Well, I’m thrilled to say direct mail isn’t dead.  You know who else is thrilled that direct mail is still a vibrant marketing tool?  Those customers, donors and prospects that like and engage with direct mail campaigns in their mailbox.  According to some recent survey data, you might be surprised at the effectiveness of direct mail in the United States.   (more…)

10 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Direct Mail

More evidence that print and direct mail still has a place in this digital world – and why businesses still turn to Magnetic Attractions for BigMag and Magnetic Postcard Mailers.    

  1. $47.8 Billion was spent on direct mail by businesses in 2011.
  2. 76% of small businesses agree that a mix of digital and physical (print) communications is the best way to market their business.
  3. On average, those that receive a printed catalog spend 28% more money and buy 28% more items than those who do not receive a catalog.
  4. Mail is growing in popularity with younger (more digital) age group.  18% of those 22-24 will respond to an offer from a standard mail piece.  That’s an increase of 12% from previous years.
  5. 52.4% of consumers read direct mail from merchants & 53% found direct mail useful.
  6. 98% of consumers bring their mail in the day it’s delivered & 77% sort through it immediately.
  7. 79% of households read, or at least skim advertising received in the mail. (Only about 19% of commercial emails are even opened.)
  8. 51% of consumers read postcards delivered by mail.
  9. B-to-B mailers reported an average response rate of 4.54% to postcards mailed to their house files.
  10. Those 18-34 years old are 2x to 3x more likely to prefer direct mail and newspapers over online sources for information about household and health products, insurance and financial services.

Yes Virginia, There’s Still Time to Get Promotional Magnets

Even Though We Will Be Closed 12/26 – 2/2 for the Holidays

If the answer is yes, then let this be the nudge you need to pick up the phone and place your magnet order today.  If nothing else, you should check out the Magnetic Attractions Holiday Schedule to decide when your refrigerator magnets need to be ordered.       (more…)

It’s Friday Night – Do You Know Where Those Damn Coupons Are?

For weeks, I was planning on writing a post on the benefits of the BigMag Magnetic Mailer for the pizza delivery game.  I wanted to highlight all the facts that show how magnetic mailers deliver results even in this age of iPads and Smartphones. Instead, I think I’ll share an experience that demonstrates the power of the magnetic postcard better than any statistic or chart.     

Last Friday night was another typical evening in our household.  My wife was working late, so I alone had to navigate the controlled chaos that’s our typical routine – kids at daycare, running kids to baseball and softball practices, and a parking lot for a freeway that pushed the stress meter off the chart.  Finally, at 6:00 I walked in the door to find my wife staring into the refrigerator.  I could tell from her blank stare that dinner wasn’t hiding behind the milk.  So, time to go with plan B.

“How about Pizza.” I said.  I know we have coupons somewhere.” (more…)

Another Reason to Like Magnetic Attractions

Do you know what God, the iPhone, New York Yankees and Magnetic Attractions all have in common?   Would you believe that we all now can attract loyal followers on Facebook?  That’s right, you can now like us online and become a friend of our promotional magnets and magnetic mailers.  

Now I know it will be hard to get as many friends as God, but if you’re looking for the latest deals on products like Business Card Magnets, Calendar Magnets or BigMag Magnetic Mailers, then you need to like us and follow us regularly.  You’ll never know what news, deals and other plesant surprizes you’ll find there. 

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5 Reasons Why Mail Isn’t This Guy

Magnetic Attractions recently returned from a little trip to Boston. No it wasn’t for the history or fall foliage, but rather to exhibit our magnets and magnetic mailers at the 2011 Direct Marketing Show. I’m not afraid to admit that I was a little worried about this show.  With this show geared toward digital marketing, I worried attendees might mistakenly view us as the big guy to your left.  

Then the show started, and I worred for nothing.  Sure search, mobile and social media were the hot topics driving the bus, but we still had plenty of traffic getting off at our booth.  They used direct mail because they had success with direct mail.  Here’s just a few reasons why.  I call them:

5 Reasons Mail & Magnets Can Thrive in the Digital Age

  1. $47.8 Billion will be spent on direct mail by businesses in 2011
  2. 52.4% of consumers read direct mail from merchants & 53% found direct mail useful
  3. 98% of consumers bring their mail in the day it’s delivered & 77% sort through it immediately
  4. 79% of households read, or at least skim advertising received in the mail. (Only about 19% of commercial emails are even opened)
  5. 51% of consumers read postcards delivered by mail
  6. Our BigMags historically have an average response rate between 8% – 11%.
  7. Adding a magnet to a postcard increases readership by 52% compared to postcards without magnets
  8. Magnets increase response rates by over 73%

OK.  I can’t count, but you get the idea.  Direct mail still delivers results and can live a long, healthy life (especially when working alongside a digital strategy).  Of course, add a magnet to the mail and really see results really take off.  Why not give it a try and see for yourself.

To learn more about our promotional magnets, magnetic postcards and direct mail solutions, please give Magnetic Attractions a call at (800) 521-4773 or visit our market solutions page for more details.