3 Reasons for using Postcards in your 2016 Marketing Plans

Direct Mail Reasons2016 is here. That means it’s time for the flood of articles on the hot Marketing trends for the new year. Naturally, we’ll read all of them to see the best way to improve customer engagement, build influence and improve our authority scores to increase sales. Sadly, these articles usually fail to mention direct mail and postcard mailings.

Now I don’t live under a rock.  I know the importance of a SEO, social and online strategy.  I also know that direct mail and postcards—while not new and sexy—are still very effective in one important area.  They still can generate sales. I saw first-hand how this sales power worked influencing buying decisions for a local business I visited after the holidays.

My experience started in our kitchen on Christmas Eve.  I had visions of a clean kitchen floor dancing through my head, but unfortunately I ran into a little Grinch (my son).  He broke our special floor cleaner, so that meant I had some shopping to do after Christmas.

I was ready to head out, when my wife stopped me by shoving a big oversized postcard in my face. It was for a big kitchen and bath store in a busy strip mall in town.  The postcard had a “20% off anything in the store” offer.“ (Disclaimer.  Magnetic Attractions didn’t print this postcard.)

Now 3 reasons why postcard mailings should be part of your 2016 plans.

1.Postcards gets – and keeps – your attention
I studied the postcard while walking to the car.  Looks like it was mailed towards the end of November.  So, my wife held onto, and remembered this postcard for a little over a month. (Naturally, it would be easier to remember if it was a BigMag Magnetic Postcard, but that’s for another post).

2. Postcards engage customers

I went to this specific kitchen & bath store because of this postcard. I was about to head to a store closer to home, but my wife wasn’t about to let me pass up a 20% savings.  Then, when I got to the store, I started noticing all the other shoppers in the store walking around with the same postcard in hand. I guess all these people held onto this offer and decided to come in and shop.  I found my mop and headed to the checkout line.

3.Postcards generate sales

There were 10 people in front of me, so I had time to people watch. That’s when I really started to notice that 20% postcard. Out of those 10 people in the checkout line, I counted 6 or 7 buyers with the same 20% postcard sticking out of their purses or shopping carts. Yes, I know this is a small sample size, and not a scientific study, but like me, all these people were in line and breaking out their credit card.

So I believe my first-person experience shows that, with the right offer and mailing list, direct mail postcards continue to prove their effectiveness.  After all, we all:

  • Got a postcard in the mail (no spam filters or ad blockers blocked the message)
  • Read, kept and remembered this postcard (no delete key or trashcan here)
  • Came into the store and bought products (the ultimate customer engagement)

So, if you’re a small business looking to cut through the clutter and attract more customers in 2016, Magnetic Attractions would like to recommend adding direct mail postcards into your marketing plans. Contact Us, or call (800) 521-4773 and talk to our mailing experts about our turnkey solutions that can fit into any budget.

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