Piece of Pie Promotion – What a Great Pizza Marketing Idea

Promote the Pie Magnet Program(That’s why our “Promote the Pie” magnet program has been around for over 20 years)

If you are an independent pizza operator, you are always keeping one eye focused on the hot new trends in pizza marketing.  So, I’m sure you noticed the latest advertising from one national chain that is using a pizza slice to promote their loyalty program.   Without going into details, they found a promotion designed to drive more online orders by offering free pizza as a reward.

Time will tell if this is a successful campaign, but with consumers in love with a good loyalty program, my guess is that it will be.  So this might be a great time to start up your own loyalty program, and Magnetic Attractions can help get you started with our Promote the Pie magnet program.

With the Promote the Pie program, you can use promotional magnets as the first step to an effective loyalty program.  Best of all, you can start up this program with just a minimum investment of time and resources.  A slice magnet is really all it takes to get started.

Here’s How the Promote the Pie Program Works

*It all starts with our slice promotional magnet.  This is one of our stock die shaped magnet that’s perfect for pizza promotions.  Our 2.5” x 3.375” size means that 8 slice magnets together will create one whole pie.

*Decide on an offer for your loyalty program.   Here’s where you figure out what will work best for your customers.  Most of our independent pizza customers have found that a free pizza after 8 orders works perfectly for them.  Of course, the program can be customized to your needs.

*Printing Your Slice Magnet. We’ll design, print and ship your slice usually within 7-10 days of ordering.  Just remember to include your phone number, address to make it easy for them to order.  You can even add a QR Code to drive online ordering.

*Hand out slice magnets to customers – Now is when your customers can start earning their rewards.  Your customers will start collecting your pizza magnet and sticking them on their fridge door to watch their progress – and to be reminded how close they are getting to a free pizza.

*Customer earns their reward. Once your customer reaches the requirements for your program, they come in to collect their reward.  Now for  the best part of our program

Your customers will hand over the slice magnets as proof of earning the free pizza reward.  That means you can collect, and then reuse, those magnets again and again.  That will reduce the amount of magnets you need to order, so you save some money (although we recommend letting them keep at least one of the magnets to start earning that next reward).

Finally, you might be looking at this and still question the value of loyalty programs, especially a program that relies on a magnet instead of a Smartphone app.   Of course every business is different, but there is plenty of data that shows how effective loyalty program are at increasing profits and keeping customers happy. Brands large and small have found that:

*Building loyalty with 5% more customers can increase average profits per customer by 25% or more.

*83% of members of a loyalty program agree that having these programs will make them more likely to continue doing business with that business.

*75% of consumers thought free or discounted products were the best program benefit.

*Oh, and data still shows that 55% of pizza orders are still placed over the phone.  Promotional magnets are still very effective at driving phone orders.

 So, why not contact Magnetic Attractions to see how effective the Promote the Pie loyalty program can be for your business.  Give us a call at (800) 521-4773 to get started.

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