Fundraising Fact – Direct Mail Delivers Results

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January might be a little late/early to discuss fundraising marketing, but I just came across some survey data that could help nonprofits to budget and plan their 2015 fundraising campaigns.

According to a YouGov giving report, half of Americans surveyed have given money to a church, non-profit or charitable organizations in the past 12 months. The above chart summarizes some of the key survey results, but I think two numbers really jump out.


That’s the percent of the older generation (55+) that were the most likely to give to charities and nonprofits..  Only 33% of Millennials (18-34) were likely to give.   That’s probably not a big surprise considering the distribution of wealth and money across the age groups.


That’s the percent of those over 55 donors that said that a direct mail solicitation was what got them to donate.  Even 14% of the 18-34 group said direct mail was the key to their giving.  Again, not a big surprise considering how effective direct mail can be in generating donations.

What did surprise me, was how fundraising direct mail stacked up against email and social media.

 Email – 12% of older donors responded to an email message. For the 18-34 group, it was 9%

Social Media – 6% of older donors responded to social media. For the 18-34 group, it was 11%

So, when it comes to generating donations, direct mail fundraising delivers results better than email and social media.  Direct mail is even more effective getting Millennials to open their wallets – and they seemed to be glued to their mobile device.

Seems like one more reason to keep/add direct mail in your fundraising plans.


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