Are Your Business Cards Ready for a New Trade Show Season?

January 2nd has to be one of the toughest days on the calendar.  It’s the day that the cold reality starts to hit us that the holiday season is over.  With heavy hearts we start taking down the holiday decorations, take the tree to be recycled and start heading back to work knowing it will be months before our summer vacation.

For some, January 2nd can also give us another cold dose of reality.  The ship date for the first trade show of 2015 is just weeks away, and you’re a little afraid to break open those crates to see what survived the last show.

Business Card MagnetChances are the big booth items – graphics, structure and design – survived and are ready to go without too much effort.  But what about the marketing collateral?  Sure, you’re ready to print new handouts, and the trade show giveaways might need to be reordered, but what about your business cards?  When was the last time you looked at your business cards with a fresh eye?  Now is the perfect time to upgrade this important networking tool.

Sure, you can look at revising graphics and layout, but one of the simplest (and most effective) upgrades could be what your business card is printed on.  Why print a great new design on the same-old paper card when magnetic business cards are a superior option.  

3 Reasons Magnetic Business Cards are Superior 

Business Card Magnets Feel Different.  Attendees visiting booths can become robots, collecting business cards without paying attention to what they just dropped in their bag.  Magnetic business cards can stand out and make a statement simply because they are different from those other cards they collected.  Magnetic business are a little heavier (at least Magnetic Attractions are) and are nearly impossible to tear, mangle, mutilate or destroy.  Magnetic business cards can make your product or service feel important, special and valuable – which is a big advantage over paper.

Business Card Magnets Can Stick Around Forever.  Depending on the size of the show, attendees can bring hundreds of business cards back to the office – many providing the same products or services.  Will you or your competitions contact information survive when they get back to the office?  Magnetic business cards can not only help you avoid the trash can, but they can get your contact information on file cabinets and light fixtures close to their phone or computer.   After all, you never know when your product or service will be needed – but with your business card always in view –  you’ll have a better shot to get the order.

Business Card Magnets Are a Better Value.  You can get 500 magnetic business cards for under $100.  Yes, you might be able to find paper business cards for less, but are paper cards really a value if they wind up in a drawer, or worse, the trash can 5 minutes after getting back to the office?  If you want to engage customers, and stick around until your product or service is needed, then the magnetic business card is the better value.

So, before heading out to your next trade show, give magnetic business cards a try.  Magnetic Attractions can design, print and ship your cards in a week.  Of course, if you also need other promotional products to hand out, we have a full line of calendar magnets, photo frame magnets, custom shaped magnets and outdoor magnets that attendees will love.  Call Magnetic Attractions at (800) 521-4773.  We are here to help with all your trade show needs.

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