3 Reasons For Ordering Printed Calendars This Fall

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Yes, even in this digital age, print and calendar magnets continue to prove their marketing muscle for customer engagement and overall brand awareness.  As we come to the end of the year when calendar orders take off, Magnetic Attractions would like to share 3 key reasons why you need to consider ordering  print and calendar magnets this fall.

  1. Printed Calendars Get Lots of Love

According to surveys from PPAI:

    1. 79% of homes and 78% of businesses still use printed calendars, and over 60% of those calendars at home and at businesses were promotional calendars.
    2. 84% said that print calendars were either important, very important or extremely important in their daily activities
    3. 79% enjoy receiving promotional calendars as a gift
    4. Over 70% of those that received a promotional calendar at work remembered the name of the company and their product or service advertised.

The data suggests that your customers will still like to get a promotional calendar from you.  More importantly, your customers will remember you for sending such a practical and useful gift to them.

  1. Calendar Magnets Can Look Boss – Thanks to Custom Design

Gone are the days your calendar magnet needs to look like they came from some 1950’s gas station (unless that’s the look you want).  Custom magnets, like those from Magnetic Attractions, eliminates the old school, cookie-cutter template that can make your brand look a little … well boring.   Plus, with the growing list of websites that provide really great looking stock images, you can get a unique, dynamic calendar magnet in almost any size you want.  Customers will be using your calendar magnet just for the art value alone.

Here’s a list of stock photography sites with really eye-catching images that are free of copyright restrictions and are free to use however you want.  Pexels, Life of Pix, Unsplash, Foodies Feed (for food images), Flickr Commons, Magdeleine and Death to Stock Photo to name just a few.

  1. Season of Savings For Savings (Limited Time Only)

OK.  This one is for anyone that like to save money.  You can save 10% on your next calendar magnet or promotional calendar order thanks to the Magnetic Attractions Season of Savings promotion.  The Seasons of Savings offer ends on 12/20/2015, which should be plenty of time to order your calendars.  Just remember to use the code “Season” when ordering.

If you have any questions about calendars, or need some help with design, please give Magnetic Attractions a call at (800) 521-4773.  You can also contact us to request a quote.

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