Mom knows best when it comes to print coupons

Working momI think  most of us can agree that moms know best when it comes to squeezing every nickel out of the family budget.  You also don’t need to be a fan of those reality coupon shows to know moms manage those nickels by using coupons.

But, since this is 2014 not 1984, you might assume that the days of cutting out traditional print coupons has been replaced by their digitial counterpart.   That’s why a recent survey by caught my eye and gave fresh evidence that print marketing is still alive and well (and maybe why our BigMag coupon mailers are so popular).

According to the Womensforum survey of 2,200 moms –

  • 89% of moms are regulary influenced by coupons to try new food or drink products
  • 78% of moms find those coupons for food and drink products from print ads
  • 65% of moms find those coupons from supermarket circulars

Compare that to online where just:

  • 55% of moms find coupons online
  • 28% of moms find coupons through social media

While this survey just focused on trips to the supermarket, you have to believe moms are trying to save those valuable nickels anywhere possible – including their local pizzeria, restaurant, car wash, or plumber.  That’s why coupons can be such an important marketing tool; especially for  for a new business or new store location.  This survey also shows it’s important to resist that evil tempation to eliminate print coupons in favor of an online version. Those making most of the buying decisions are still going print, and we all know that mom knows what works best.

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