Say “Welcome to the Neighborhood” With Magnets

According to the U. S. Census Bureau, more than 40 million people move every year. While there might be 40 million different reasons to move, new movers all seem to have one thing in common when they unpack.  They will spend a lot of money in the new neighborhood.

For any local business, welcoming new movers to the neighborhood can be an important source of new revenue. That’s why adding new mover direct mail into your marketing plan is so important. You’ll be reaching potential customers ready and eager to spend.  Talk about an easy way to get new customers that can turn into repeat customers for years to come.

There are plenty of new mover companies out there, or you can talk to us about new mover mailing lists. The key to success is not necessarily who you use, but what you use.  Refrigerator magnets and magnetic direct mail are your best chance of success because they get you noticed now, and keep you noticed months and years later.

Think about the typical move.  Boxes are everywhere and if you put something down, it seems to just disappear.  Throughout all the chaos, one thing stands out and always can be found – the refrigerator. If you want a new mover’s attention, don’t you want your offer and contact info on that refrigerator?

Well, that’s what a magnet or magnetic postcard can deliver – access to that refrigerator.  When other postcards or inserts get thrown out, your message will stand out and get noticed.  For a new mover unfamiliar with the area, this can be the deciding factor in getting their business.

Landing on the refrigerator is also important for professional services that might be needed months later.  For example, 68% of new movers will change their Doctor and 41% will change their Dentist. This search doesn’t happen right when they move in.  A New Patient offer on a magnet or magnet postcard will stick around until needed.

So remember, whoever you use for your new mover mailing, remember to demand that your offer goes on a magnet or magnetic postcard.  We can work with any agency, printer or broker, so we can handle your magnet printing needs.  If you have any questions about turning new movers into steady customers, give Magnetic Attractions a call at (800)521-4773.


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