Promotional Magnets – Going Where the Internet Can’t

Group Shot1Here’s another reason to keep promotional magnets and magnetic direct mail in your marketing plans…

According to a recent Pew Research Center survey, 15% of adults in the United States don’t use the Internet, and another 9% don’t use it in their homes.   With the US population around 314,000,000, that’s a lot of people who aren’t the least bit interested in social media likes, online trends or the newest search algorithms.

So, the question as a Marketer.  How do you reach these eyeballs when you know digital campaigns are useless? The answer is as clear as the refrigerator you stare at over 20,000 times a year, or should I say, the custom refrigerator magnet you can stare at over 20,000 times a year.

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking.  That 15% is probably made up of a bunch of grey-haired seniors living month-to-month on their Social Security check.  Yes, 40% of those that have sworn off the Internet are 65 and older, but they still eat pizza, buy and sell homes, travel, contribute to charities and pay taxes.  In fact, as a group seniors control 50% of all discretionary income, and spend over $60 billion annually in the United States.  As a small business are you ready to write this group off just because they  will never get email, social media or search engine results?

If you’re answer is no, then it’s time to consider a marketing approach that can reach these big spenders – promotional magnets and magnetic direct mail.  Now before you start screaming words like “outdated”, “dinosaur” or “1980’s”, I’m not saying to move all your budget out of digital.  Magnets and magnetic direct mail can play well with others, and are just one more way to engage customers.  With all of today’s media clutter, you need every means possible to get noticed (especially for those not plugged into technology).

So, go ahead and add a Business Card Magnet or Photo Frame Magnet to an email or social media campaign, or a QR Code for your website on a coupon BigMag Mailer.  All they will do is stick around on that refrigerator long after online campaigns get deleted.

And guess what,  Millenials and the digitally obsessed like getting mail and magnets just as much as seniors.













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