Magnetic Attractions’ 3 (Surprising) Words For Healthcare Marketing

Simple. Effective. Inexpensive

Now those are three words you don’t normally see associated with healthcare. But, start talking Healthcare Marketing, and  simple, effective and inexpensive are the perfect trio of words to describe Laminated Postcards.  And, as the Affordable Care Act continues to be implemented across the country, these healthcare marketing workhorses will continue to grow in popularity.

Why are Laminated Postcards the perfect solution to any healthcare marketing need?

Simple – We’re talking adding a promotional magnet to a direct mail postcards. Since 99% of us have a mailbox, that makes this a really easy way to reach everyone/anyone you want. (Direct Mail can be a great way for states to educate on just how  the Affordable Care Act works.)  Not simple enough? Try this. Magnetic Attractions can handle everything from creative to actual mailing for you. With everything basically on auto-pilot, you can focus on the day-to-day operations.

Effective – Instant impact and long-term engagement. You’d kill to get this combo with your marketing spend. Well, that’s the Laminated Postcard in a nutshell. The postcard gives you the room to build an immediate wow factor. The magnet can stick around to keep the engagement going right up to when someone gets sick and needs you.

Inexpensive – Compared to other ways to spend your marketing dollar, a Laminated Postcard is an incredible value for the results generated. Contact Magnetic Attractions to see what we can do for you.

So, whatever the needs – from attracting new patients and practice grand openings, to healthy-living education and lifestyle improvements – laminated postcards are a proven force in healthcare marketing.   Why not give them a try?

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