Calendar Magnets Go From Mailbox to Icebox

direct mail mailbox protestingI’m looking at my 2013 Calendar Magnet stuck to my file cabinet and it dawns on me that we’re into the month of October.  It seemed like we just celebrated Memorial Day, and now we’re creeping up on Halloween.  Yikes, time flies.  And at that moment, I realized I needed a 2014 Calendar magnet.

Now I’m lucky.  I work for Magnetic Attractions so all I have to do is raid the sample room to get a 2014 Calendar Magnet (the perks of working for a promotional magnet manufacturer).  But without this sample goldmine, I’d be out of luck and staring at an open space on my file cabinet. Talk about a huge marketing opportunity for the really smart local business.

Now, a smart businesses already knows a Calendar Magnets marketing value, and places an order every year.  Then they have something to hand out to every customer that walks through the door.  That’s great, but there’s one small problem.   If they don’t walk through the doors, they don’t get a Calendar Magnet.

Calendar Direct Mail – The Smart Solution

That’s why really smart businesses combine direct mail and calendar magnets for the best marketing results.  They know this is the best way to ensure everyone in the neighborhood will get a magnet.  Then, it’s only minutes before their magnet (and contact information) will go from the mailbox to the fridge door for 12 months of engaging advertising.

So, are you ready to make a really smart choice and add direct mail to your Calendar Magnet order? Then contact Magnetic Attractions.  We’ve been doing this for over 20 years, and are ready to manage your Calendar Magnet or Calendar BigMag Mailing job from design through mailing.   Call us at (800) 521-4773 to discuss your needs.

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