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The Magnetic Attractions Difference: Quality and Convenience in Custom Magnets


A custom magnet can be almost anything you need it to be. But when the choices are endless, sometimes it takes awhile to figure out which way to go.

Custom Magnet Convenience

At Magnetic Attractions we make it as easy as possible for you to create your own custom magnets, and you can rely on our 20+ years of experience for expert advice on which designs and content may work best for you.

First, we have more than 30 in-house designs that might make your decision easier. Or, we can work with you to create something unique, either from your own uploaded art, or from a design we’ll conceive together. In fact, we can serve as a 100% turnkey partner that will handle everything from design through delivery of the printed magnets.

When your custom magnets are made, what’s the best way to bring them to your customer base? Once again, we’re here to help. In many cases direct mail is the most effective means of distribution. We can manage your mail campaign, whether it’s a smaller targeted effort or a large saturation mailing. From creating the mailing list to affixing the magnets, addressing and mailing your piece, we do it all.

Custom Magnet Quality

Of course, none of this will matter if the product itself does not represent your company in a positive and impressive way.

There’s a reason why thousands of customers trust Magnetic Attractions – we are experts at the science of creating and printing magnets. As an experienced manufacturer we understand substrates, polarity and thickness, and how to create a high-quality custom magnet at a competitive price.

All of our magnets are 25 mils thick, for maximum hold and superior durability. Shop around and you’ll find most other custom magnets are manufactured at 15-20 mils, which produces a thinner, weaker product.

Ready to Learn More?

Contact one of our custom magnet experts today, and start sending your customers something they’re sure to notice – and hold on to.