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The Elite 8 of Magnet Marketing

With all the basketball madness going on right now, I thought we’d announce our own Elite 8.  The 8 best reasons promotional magnets from Magnetic Attractions should be included in your Marketing Schedule.

  1. All our magnets are 25 Mil thick – that means our magnets can kick sand in the face of our competitor’s magnets
  2. And our pricing can beat them up too.
  3. 99% of the U.S. has a refrigerator.  We have the Business Card Magnets, Calendar Magnets, Schedule Magnets and Die-Cut Magnets that can cover all of them with your contact information.
  4. Where else can you get the PeelAway?  What’s the PeelAway you ask?  It’s just 2-parts of pure magnet awesomeness. (see it here)
  5. The Pizza Industry loves us.  Here’s why. (more…)

Have You Heard the One About the Magnetic Postcard …

A funny thing happened this morning.  We got a call for more information from our magnetic postcard mailer targeting Urgent Care Centers.

Now, it’s not unexpected we got the lead – Magnetic Attractions has been selling custom magnets and magnetic postcards into the healthcare market for years.  What got me laughing was when I found out the date this postcard campaign actually mailed.  You’ll never guess how long this magnet mailer hung around before it got our phone ringing.