Hopefully, The Mayans Are Wrong About 12/21/2012

2013 Calendar MagnetAre you ready for the end-of-the world on 12/21/12?  Magnetic Attractions isn’t.  Sure we can  whip up a “going out of business” magnet mailer for any small business, but the impending doomsday sure makes selling calendar magnets a challenge.  After all, a 2013 calendar magnet (any refrigerator magnet) loses its value if there isn’t a 2013.

But, when the world doesn’t end on the 21st(I hope), small businesses will face the same challenges in the new year – how to attract more business without breaking the budget.  Now, I can give you two reasons why 2013 calendar magnets should be part of your marketing budget. 

Reason 1.
 Your customers and prospects like getting calendars because they are so useful.  They also almost expect to get one from their local businesses.  That’s why from banks to pizza, it seems everyone has a calendar to give away.  Of course the problem is having too much of a good thing.  Customers get too many calendars and they start stuffing them in their kitchen junk drawer.  That’s not a great value when your contact information is buried and forgotten.    

Reason 2.
Calendar magnets are unique, and stand apart from the crowd.  Calendar magnets don’t wind up in the junk drawer.  They get prominently displayed on the refrigerator door, where they will be seen over 20,000 times a year.  Now that’s a sure fire way to stand out and get noticed. 

So, make sure your marketing doesn’t get lost in the clutter.  Call Magnetic Attractions to discuss the value calendar magnets can add to your neighborhood marketing efforts.  Of course, if you still aren’t sure about messing with the Mayan Calendar, you can always order after December 21st. 

Learn more about our calendar magnets here.

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