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Why Floral Marketing Plans Could Use a Good Magnet

My wedding anniversary was a few weeks ago, and I went out and got my wife roses.  I stopped at one of the florist in town and was impressed with the selection and price, so I took home a bouquet.   I wish they would have had a Business Card Magnet or BigMag Postcard to go with my order.  

You see,  I wanted to place another order, but I don’t remember the name of the florist.  I sort of remember a general location,  but don’t ask me the address or cross streets.  That makes it really difficult to do online search or use the phone book.     (more…)

A New Year & A Better Calendar Magnet Value

Magnetic Attractions has some exciting changes to our Calendar Magnets  that were made in late August.  We think they will make our 2013 Calendar Magnets even more popular for local businesses needing to add a proven winner to their neighborhood marketing campaigns. 

If you head to our Calendar page, the first thing you’ll notice is our updated size offering.  We now offer Calendar Magnets in 4 sizes most in demand with (more…)