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Election Magnets, Featured Products and Pizza Expo, Oh My!

Magnetic Attractions sure will be busy in 2012.

Wow.  where did January go.  It seems like yesterday we were trying to celebrate the holidays while producing the rush of 2012 Calendar Magnets.  Now, we’re delivering the flood of BigMag Magnetic Coupon Mailer orders that washed over us since January 3rd. It’s like all our pizza customers realized at the same time that their pizza marketing will suffer if they didn’t get their coupons out before the big game.  

Anyway, that was January.  As we roll into February, I thought this is the perfect time to update everyone on the news and events happening at Magnetic Attractions this year.       (more…)

Pizza Marketing Gone Bad. Why Didn’t They Use a Magnet

Door with Door Hanger I took this photo of my front door last Friday afternoon.  Notice anything wrong with this picture? Can you see the door hanger full of pizza coupons?  No?  That’s because you were silly enough to look on the front door.  You’ll miss them unless you look down on the ground (I know I almost did).     

I’m sure this local pizzeria would be thrilled to hear that their pizza marketing had become litter in front of my house.  Why didn’t they at least go with a magnetic door hanger, or something else that could have stuck on the door?  ( I’m not even going to get into direct mail marketing, promotional magnets, or our Market Solutions page full of pizza marketing tips.)  That was just one question that came to mind as I took out my phone and shot this picture.  (more…)

A New Year and a New Occupy Protest for Direct Mail

direct mail mailbox protestingI started 2012 on a good note.  I got my new calendar magnet on the fridge door and spent the holidays catching up on marketing news and statistics that relates to promotional magnets and magnetic mailers

The problem was that it didn’t take long for my mood to change, and I got fed up with the way traditional direct mail got thrown under the bus.  Unfortunately for you, I’m using this posting to vent.  You can think of this as my one-man occupy protest.  

What started all the ruckus?  I’m glad you asked.  I was in one of the Linkedin groups Magnetic Attractions participates in.  I was reading one of our posts on how pizza operators can use our pizza magnets, and saturation mailing campaigns to attract new customers.  Magnetic Attractions has been doing pizza marketing for over 20 years, so we know what we’re talking about. (more…)