Move Over Cookie, Magnets Make the Perfect Fun(d) Raiser

I need a showFundraising Magnet-UC Davis of hands.  How many of you are up to your eyes in wrapping paper, cookie dough and magazine subscriptions that are typical of most PTO fundraisers?  Anyone? Anyone?

I am, and I’m here to hopefully plant the seeds of change.   Now, believe me, I’m not anti-cookie-dough, (one look in my freezer could prove that).  But, when you have twins in elementary school, you can only eat, wrap and read so much.

So, if you’re a school, church or organization looking to raise needed funds, what can you do to reach families like mine looking for a little fun, a little excitement and a little less stuff cluttering their house?

Why not try promotional magnets from Magnetic Attractions?  Really, magnets are small and will not cause unwanted weight gain, household clutter or more waste for the landfill.  Take a closer look, and you’ll see magnets have all the characteristics of the perfect fundraiser product.

  1. Everyone loves and uses promotional magnets – just look at your refrigerator and count how many are holding up family drawings and pizza coupons.
  2. Magnets can deliver big profits for your organization – Magnets can be bought for cents – and sold for big dollars – and that is pure profit for you
  3. Magnets can be personalized to any logo, mascot or name – Lions, tigers and bears, oh my, Magnetic Attractions has the die-cut and custom magnets  you need to showcase any school.  Imagine how easy it will be to sell these unique magnets during sporting events or back-to-school night.
  4. Local Businesses can cover your costs – Our calendar and schedule magnets, for example, are an advertising goldmine for local pizza parlors, plumbers, doctors and real estate agents.   Our Market Solutions section of our website can offer helpful tips to sell your local businesses on the advantages of promotional magnets.
  5. It’s no hassle for you – Magnetic Attractions will work with you every step of the way so you can reach your fundraising goals without it giving you grey hairs.

Give us a call, and let us show you how promotional magnets and Magnetic Attractions can fit into your fundraising schedule.

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