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Another Reason to Like Magnetic Attractions

Do you know what God, the iPhone, New York Yankees and Magnetic Attractions all have in common?   Would you believe that we all now can attract loyal followers on Facebook?  That’s right, you can now like us online and become a friend of our promotional magnets and magnetic mailers.  

Now I know it will be hard to get as many friends as God, but if you’re looking for the latest deals on products like Business Card Magnets, Calendar Magnets or BigMag Magnetic Mailers, then you need to like us and follow us regularly.  You’ll never know what news, deals and other plesant surprizes you’ll find there. 

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5 Reasons Why Mail Isn’t This Guy

Magnetic Attractions recently returned from a little trip to Boston. No it wasn’t for the history or fall foliage, but rather to exhibit our magnets and magnetic mailers at the 2011 Direct Marketing Show. I’m not afraid to admit that I was a little worried about this show.  With this show geared toward digital marketing, I worried attendees might mistakenly view us as the big guy to your left.  

Then the show started, and I worred for nothing.  Sure search, mobile and social media were the hot topics driving the bus, but we still had plenty of traffic getting off at our booth.  They used direct mail because they had success with direct mail.  Here’s just a few reasons why.  I call them:

5 Reasons Mail & Magnets Can Thrive in the Digital Age

  1. $47.8 Billion will be spent on direct mail by businesses in 2011
  2. 52.4% of consumers read direct mail from merchants & 53% found direct mail useful
  3. 98% of consumers bring their mail in the day it’s delivered & 77% sort through it immediately
  4. 79% of households read, or at least skim advertising received in the mail. (Only about 19% of commercial emails are even opened)
  5. 51% of consumers read postcards delivered by mail
  6. Our BigMags historically have an average response rate between 8% – 11%.
  7. Adding a magnet to a postcard increases readership by 52% compared to postcards without magnets
  8. Magnets increase response rates by over 73%

OK.  I can’t count, but you get the idea.  Direct mail still delivers results and can live a long, healthy life (especially when working alongside a digital strategy).  Of course, add a magnet to the mail and really see results really take off.  Why not give it a try and see for yourself.

To learn more about our promotional magnets, magnetic postcards and direct mail solutions, please give Magnetic Attractions a call at (800) 521-4773 or visit our market solutions page for more details.