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Magnets & Popcorn – Our New Video Premiers Today

Move over Spielberg, Magnetic Attractions has a new video premiering this week called “Why Magnets Continue to Rock the Marketing World”.  It stars our own Bill Graham, and features two big stars in marketing and brand awareness – the magnet and refrigerator.   I’m sure the magnet’s 4-star performance will stick with you for quite awhile.

And because the world loves a good sequel, this video is just the first in a series from Magnetic Attractions.  In the coming months, we’ll premier the rest of the series showcasing the magnets’ star power.  It’s not the “Star Wars” saga, but then again our videos only lasts 2 minutes and are free.  Just click the link below to see our first video. Popcorn is optional.

Why Magnets Continue to Rock the Marketing World