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Our New Postcards – When You Want Peanut Butter Without Jelly

Magnetic Attractions has just launched  a new 4-color postcard mailer and it doesn’t include a magnet.  Now for a company named Magnetic Attractions, this can seem out of place – like offering peanut butter without jelly, macaroni without cheese, or Apple without Steve Jobs seems out of place.

So, why are we skipping the magnet?  The idea originated after we started talking to customers about their marketing needs.  They all agreed that the postcard & magnet combo was king when it came to generating repeat business and long-term brand recognition.  But, they had times when their campaign focus wasn’t long-term.  As a result, the magnet wasn’t as critical for success.  (Yes, it was also hard for us to believe at first.)

We heard about  “now” events that need a fast-acting marketing effort.  After all, a marketing campaign doesn’t need to live forever when the sale ends this weekend.  So, we went bold and launched a new postcard mailer that focuses on the immediate.  You can save the magnet for a later mailing.

So, is your grand opening right now?  Running a sale or promotion now? Need to fill a seminar now?  Or, just need more customers now?  These are just a few examples of campaigns that can succeed without an affixed magnet.  Contact Magnetic Attractions at (800) 521-4773 and see what we can do for you. Or, you can click here to learn more about our new postcards.

Mom Knows Best & Other Thoughts While Preparing for DMA 2011

 I was looking through the DMA 2011 Conference  brochure the other day.  We are an exhibitor, so I wanted to get a feel for what topics would be driving the show.  Nothing really surprised me.  Search, mobile and web were the big boys on the block, and I couldn’t help feet that “traditional” marketing like print and mail has become the 75 pound weakling in the room.  This point seemed to be further reinforced by the news that the USPS is considering the elimination of 120,000 jobs.

Clearly, search keywords and “liking” a facebook page have, and will continue to, replace the mailer or magazine ad in most marketing budgets.  It’s a bandwagon that continues to pick up speed with each passing year, and it’s a little disheartening when you make and market promotional magnets.  So, I got to thinking about something my mom would say when I was growing up.

Whenever there was a toy, game or event sweeping through the neighborhood, I’d rush home begging my mom to break down and buy it for me.  Usually the response was a simple “No. It’s too expensive”.  That’s when I broke out that famous argument used by generations of 10-year-olds.  “But everyone in the neighborhood has it”.   Unfortunately, my mom had experience countering this  argument having heard it from my three siblings.  She would win the argument with one simple question:  “If everyone was  jumping off a cliff, would you follow them?”

Those words somehow seemed appropriate as I scanned the DMA sessions.  Just because most in the marketing community are silly for social and mad about mobile, doesn’t mean it’s the only game in town.  When done right, traditional marketing still generates big results, amazing brand recall and  an incredible value.

So, as you start planning your budgets for next year, I thought it time to re-plant the seeds of traditional marketing (and the voice of your mom)  into your imagination.  Naturally, I feel that magnets and magnetic mailers are the way to go because they continue to deliver results in today’s marketing landscape. Look at most any refrigerator to see what I mean.

So give Magnetic Attractions a call at (800) 521-4773 and let us prove the value of the promotional magnet and why they should be in your  2012 marketing budget.  Of course, if you’re going to the DMA in October, come by and we can talk face-to-face.   We’ll be in booth 1922.

Just in case you missed it – Pro Football is Back

Unless you were on vacation in Bora Bora without Wi-Fi, the Internet, TV, Facebook or Twitter, you probably heard that the pro football lockout is over.  Yes, football is back, and we fans finally know what we’ll be doing Sunday afternoons and Monday nights for next 5-6 months.

Now if you’re like most, you’re celebrating by getting your fantasy draft ready and dreaming about the latest HDTV.  But, with all the pigskin euphoria sweeping the country, you and your business may be overlooking something – your football themed marketing efforts. 

Did you hold back on football marketing campaigns because of the uncertainty with this season?  Well, it’s time to end your marketing lockout and get ready to use football in your fall advertising campaigns.

Time to Order Football Schedule Magnets from Magnetic Attractions

Naturally,  Magnetic Attractions recommends schedule magnets.  Why?   Because fans love them.  You hand one of these magnets to a football fan, and watch how fast it will land on their refrigerator.  Then, every time they open that door, they check out the schedule you gave them.  They will do that on average about 50 times a day.

A funny thing happens when they look at something 50 times a day.  Everything on that magnet starts seeping into their memory banks.  Pretty soon they will be able to recall your phone number, address and URL just as quickly and easily as next weeks’ opponent.  In advertising this recall is pure gold, and companies will pay thousands of dollars for it.  You can get our schedule magnets for as low as $0.29 each.

So why not give us a call (800) 521-4773 to get your schedule magnet ordered before the opening kickoff.  From the Arizona Cardinals to the Washington Redskins, we can design, print and deliver schedule magnets for your local team.  Read more about our schedule magnets here.

Of course, you can order other football related magnets and magnet mailers as well .  Just give us a call and we’ll get you started.  You can also go and learn about some of our most popular sports magnet products here.