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Magnets – The Perfect Prescription for Urgent Care Marketing

First Aid Kit with MoneyA blog posting I recently read from Urgent Care Marketing entitled “Evaluate & Purchase Paid Advertising” stressed how advertising recall is crucial for urgent care centers to grow revenues. While a good read, it missed the one marketing solution best suited for their specialty, the promotional magnet and magnetic mailer.

According to the author, urgent care centers face a daily challenge – there’s no predicting when people will get sick and need their services. Centers need to advertise to get their name out.  BUT, unlike other businesses that can send out advertising and see immediate results, urgent care centers could wait weeks or months for an ad to generate prospective patients.  Therefore, it is important  that potential patients be exposed to your ad message as much as possible. (more…)

QR Codes+ Magnetic Postcards Serve Up Summer’s Freshest Value

QR Code Image
Summer is always a great time to try new things – from that new summer blockbuster at the theater, to a menu of fresh-picked fruits and vegetables that only appear when the weather heats up – This summer, it’s time to add some spice to your marketing campaigns by adding QR Codes to any of our magnetic postcard mailers.

Now you may be on the fence when it comes to using QR Codes.  But, major brands like Starbucks, Pepsi and Ford already rely on QR Codes in their advertising.  You also can’t escape the fact that these 2-D barcodes are gaining popularity and can be seen almost everywhere you look.  Surveys show a 1,200% increase in QR Code usage during the second half of 2010. (more…)