Warehouse Magnets

Magnetic barcode labels simplify warehouse organization

Magnetic Attractions is more than just a promotional magnet company. We are also a manufacturer of custom magnetic barcode labels that prove to be a better alternative to paper labels.

Why Magnetic Barcode Labels instead of Adhesive Paper Labels?

Magnetic barcode labels offer the versatility and flexibility that can make managing inventory a little easier. Magnetic barcode labels can be affixed, removed and reused with ease, so warehouse capacity can expand or contract without having to redo the entire labeling system. Plus, magnetic barcode labels from Magnetic Attractions:

  • Improves productivity and order accuracy. Magnetic labels make it easier to correctly identify and locate inventory. This speeds up order processing and can help eliminate mistakes.
  • Eliminates gunk. Magnetic labels can be removed without scraping, damaging the metal surface or leaving behind layers of old, sticky labels.. Warehouses can stay looking new.
  • Survive the worst warehouse conditions. Magnetic labels can survive temperature changes, humidity and moisture without peeling, bubbling or tearing off.
  • Save some green. Magnetic labels can be reused over and over so you can save money and the environment.

Product Description Quantity Unit Price Total
Barcode Magnet 2" x 4" - Indoor
Barcode Magnet 3" x 8.625" - Indoor
Barcode Magnet 2" x 4" - Outdoor
Barcode Magnet 3" x 8.625" - Outdoors
Barcode Magnet 1" x 4"- Indoor
Barcode Magnet 2" x 5.9375"- Indoor
Barcode Magnet 1" x 4"- Outdoor
Barcode Magnet 2" x 5.9375" - Outdoor

Price includes one color (black) printing on white surface and variable data printing.  Indoor magnet thickness approximately 25 mils with UV coating.  Outdoor magnet thickness approximately 36 mils with plastic surface and UV coating.  Production time 7-10 days.  Prices are subject to change.

A Word About Variable Data Labels

Magnetic Attractions can combine your variable data with our digital printing technology to manufacture variable data magnetic labels in a variety of sizes and magnet thickness. Each label can offer unique data and graphics from either a simple sequential numbering system, to a customer-supplied database. Add that this variable data is on a magnet, and you get a label with the flexibility, durability and value not found with paper labels.

If you would like more information about our magnetic barcode labels, or our variable data print capabilities, please call Magnetic Attractions at (800) 521-4773 , or contact us to request a quote.

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