Magnetic Door Hangers

Looking for an easy, effective and very economical way to attract more customers?  Magnetic door hangers from Magnetic Attractions are a perfect addition to any marketing program.  They can get your foot in the door in places like apartment complexes, new housing developments and hotels where traditional mail or email can’t deliver results.
Magnetic Attractions door hangers succeed because:

  • Door hangers grab attention – Door hangers usually face limited front door competition.  In most cases, your message will be the only one seen walking through the front door. Try getting that undivided attention in people’s mailbox or email.    

  • Your message gets readand remembered – Undivided attention means door hangers get off the front door and read as they get carried into the house.  That’s precious minutes (not seconds) to commit your message and contact information to memory.       

  • Sticks on the fridge – Door hangers from Magnetic Attractions have something that most other door hangers lack – a magnet on the back.  That means your marketing message can go from the front door to the fridge door with ease.  You really can’t find another door hanger that offers this type of door-to-door service.

All door hangers from Magnetic Attractions are 100% custom to meet your unique business needs.  Door hangers are printed 4-1/4” x 11” on quality stock with both a die cut to fit over the doorknob and a magnet.   Of course, we also offer a door hanger without a magnet if you like.  Contact Magnetic Attractions at (800) 521-4773 to see how our hangers can open new doors for your marketing message.

Let the fun begin! Give us a call at 800-521-4773

Product Description Quantity Unit Price Total
4.25" x 11" Magnetic Door Hanger (4/4)
4.25" x 11" Magnetic Door Hanger (4/1)
4.25" x 11" Magnetic Door Hangers (4/0)
4.25" x 11" Door Hanger w/o Magnet (4/4)
4.25" x 11" Door Hanger w/o Magnet (4/1)
4.25" x 11" Door Hanger w/o Magnet (4/0)

Prices include four-color process printing both sides (4/4) or one side (4/1 or 4/0) as noted, one Version and one PDF proof. Additional charges may apply for multiple versions. Paper is 10 pt C2S stock with UV coating on the front. Also available without UV Coating. Magnet thickness is 12 mil.

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